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Decorah Police are reminding the public there's a new law about driving and texting

Posted: Wed, Jul 5, 2017 1:45 PM

A number of new laws and changes to existing laws have gone into effect in Iowa as of July 1st.

Iowa's law covering the use of cell phones while driving has changed as of Saturday.  The Decorah Police Department is reminding the public the new law makes the use of electronic device such as a cell phone a "primary offense."  The change in the law allows police officers to make a traffic stop solely on the basis of seeing a driver use a cell phone to write a text message, send a text message, read a text message or viewing a website while driving.

The Decorah Police Department says it recommends that drivers put away their cell phones while driving.  Say police, "Any distraction (even holding a cell phone and talking on it) impairs your driving ability."