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Ask Mr. Answer Person about the Viking Theatre sign

Posted: Tue, Jul 11, 2017 2:07 PM

Bill Cary from Cedar Rapids e-mails, "I read your article on the remodeling of the Viking Theatre, including facade improvements. In 1969, Walt Nesheim and I fabricated the steel sign (Viking image and lettering) at Cary's Machine Shop. I prepared a full-size plan that we used for cutting, layout and welding from the actual construction plan sheets.  If I recall correctly, the Viking image is over 6 feet tall. All of the extensive flat steel surfaces were hammered on an anvil with a ball peen hammer manually for over 8 hours to produce the desired effect. (Walt didn't do the hammering, just the welding.) JR Cary and I installed the metal sign on the facade.  I am wondering if this sign will be incorporated into the new facade."

Mr. Answer Person says: "At this point, only the present work on the parking lot is a certainty.  That work is aimed at solving the flooding that often occurred in the past during heavy rains near the movie theater.

Fridley Theatres district manager Adam Nihart says there have been discussions about the interior of the movie theatre, as well as about the exterior—but no decisions are anywhere close to having been made.  Mr. Answer Person has put the two of you in e-mail contact, so you can communicate in the future."