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Ask Mr. Answer Person: Why are some of the doors closed at the Courthouse?

Posted: Thu, Jul 13, 2017 12:10 PM
The west door into the Courthouse remains open

Amalia e-mails: "Why is the dramatic and beautiful North entrance to our County Courthouse closed?  What is the plan for re-opening it?"

Mr. Answer Person says: "The north and east doors at the Courthouse were closed several months ago as a security measure.

By closing those doors, the only access to the Courthouse now is through the West Entrance, where there is a security camera pointed at the entrance.

The new system is seen as improving Courthouse security, especially for the courtrooms.  Because that's the case, it's unlikely the doors will be reopened.  They can be used for emergency exits from within the Courthouse, but the days of being able to choose from three doors into the Courthouse have probably ended."